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Richard S. Charles writes English mainstream cozy mysteries

where gay and straight characters intermingle in exotic locations. Expect intriguing plots laced with suspense and a liberal sprinkling of racy romance.



Richard S. Charles writes English mainstream cozy mysterieswhere gay and straight characters intermingle in exotic locations.

Expect intriguing plots laced with suspense and a liberal sprinkling of racy romance.

With a sultry setting and the glitz and glamour of the rich and anonymous, allow R.S.Charles to indulge you in a captivating adventure of interwoven lives, loves, lusts and desires played out in a privileged society which devotes itself to rumor, insincerity, self-indulgence and above all, revenge.

Immersed in a history of folklore and intrigue, a remote, idyllic island in the Caribbean provides the backdrop for this tale of mystery and suspense. The secluded, exotic isle is a hideaway for some, a home for others, but everyone has a past and everyone has a reason to be there.

Relationships are fleeting or complex, conventional or convenient, and all the strengths and frailties of human nature rise visibly to the fore. Prepare to be caught up in gossip and speculation, secrets and innuendo, with blackmail lurking menacingly in every corner, as R.S.Charles weaves his tropical web of excitement and uncertainty.

Whispering Palms - Read a Chapter


Palms of Persuasion by R.S.Charles


Sequel to "Whispering Palms". Also a standalone novel.


In the aftermath of the raging storm, the intriguing community on the remote Caribbean island desperately struggles to regain some kind of normality. But what is ‘normal’ in paradise? Tragedy has dared to encroach, tarnishing the glitz and glamour of the treasured, tropical hideaway. For the affluent inhabitants, determined to jealously guard their privacy and anonymity, life now offers an uncertain and uncomfortable future.


Secrets best left buried in the mists of time have been uncovered. Sleeping skeletons have been dragged out of closets. Rumour is rife. And scandal looks inevitable. Then, one step too far: a threat to expose the island to the world. Now everyone has something to lose. So everyone has a part to play. The idyllic isle must remain forever incognito. Whatever it takes.


As the palm trees whisper in the lazy breeze, unexpected European visitors become more than just a casual nuisance, unwittingly confronting the well-being of the exotic hideaway. Convenient and casual assignations challenge love and loyalty. Truth and trust give way to lies and betrayal. Seduction is a versatile weapon and blackmail is everyone’s friend.


Once again, the island is helplessly drawn into an erotic web of mystery and suspense as a trail of prophecy and persuasion points a fickle finger towards fate and fortune.

Great sequel!


By Miles Davis on 9 August 2012


Format: Kindle Edition


I rarely read two books consecutively by the same author, but after "Whispering Palms", I couldn't leave the paradise island or its cast of intriguing characters until I'd found out just what happened after the cliffhanger climax to the first novel.


R.S.Charles' sequel, "Palms Of Persuasion" didn't disappoint. It continued the themes of lust, betrayal, blackmail, clandestine trysts and forbidden love in another great mystery combining the worlds of ballroom dancing, palm reading and paintings. The title is inspired, and the novel is too! Highly recommended!


Palms Of Persuasion - Read an extract.

Sizzling sequel.


By MM. Reader. on 5 April 2012


Format: Kindle Edition


Having loved R.S.Charles' "Whispering Palms", I couldn't wait for the sequel, and "Palms Of Persuasion" is everything I wanted it to be. The original story continues, though readers could use 'The Prologue' and 'Character List' as either a catch-up or starting point for what is also a novel in its own right. The community of affluent aristocrats and their bohemian neighbours continue to bicker and back-stab as secrets are uncovered and their precious paradise is threatened with publicity which could ruin their privileged, anonymous life-style. Stranded travellers arriving at Raoul and Sebastian's luxury hotel innocently threaten everyone in either the realms of relationships, romance, lust or finance as the past catches up with the present, and the future is foretold by a mysterious palm reader. Destiny awaits and it's all linked to the those whose paths have crossed before. I particularly loved the suspense of the ballroom and the unravelling reveal of the final chapters.

R.S.Charles' character development is once again utterly believable and his style engages the reader from the start in a very cleverly constructed mystery full of erotic encounters, envy, blackmail and betrayal. If you haven't read "Palms Of Persuasion", you're missing something special! Whisk yourself off to paradise now. Highly recommended reading!