Charles Raines

Charles Raines writes gay fiction.

Expect a maze of mystery, a sprinkling of suspense and a splash of sensuality wrapped in an array of m/m romance.

About the Author


Charles Raines - {Richard S. Charles Raines} writes GLBT novels.

As R.S. Charles, he pens stories where gay and straight characters intermingle in exotic mysteries 'with a liberal sprinkling of racy romance'. His alter-ego, Charles Raines, concentrates on m/m erotic fiction/romance with a touch of mystery.

Falling For Forever Changing circumstances swiftly mould student, Marc Moreau, into a young man immersed in lies, intrigue, and deception.


Obliged to take on a restaurant job in Marseilles and share an apartment with a woman in an old convent, he suspects he can trust no-one. Love and commitment are luxuries he cannot afford




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Changing circumstances swiftly mould student, Marc Moreau, into a young man immersed in lies, intrigue, and deception.


Obliged to take on a restaurant job in Marseilles and share an apartment with a woman in an old convent, he suspects he can trust no-one. Love and commitment are luxuries he cannot afford.


Flirtatious by nature, and drawn towards danger and diversion, he has a taste for temptation. Engaging in meaningless physical encounters to satisfy his lust soon becomes convenient and habitual.


Yet his life is complicated and unfulfilled. And when two contrasting men cross his path offering far more than he can accept or return, Marc finds himself not only in personal turmoil, but also in an emotional dilemma only he can resolve.

Brilliant! Distinct and Razor-Sharp.

So Many Twists and Turns, You'll Get Vertigo.


Well Thought Out Plot and Complex Characters. Unlike Anything Else.

The Man With The Mandolin

Charles Raines

Ballet is in the blood of the Riche family. It is their passion and their livelihood.

After the death of his father, duty dictates that only son, Charles, who has no flair for business or ballet, has little option but to support his doting mother and overbearing spinster aunt in their quest to steer the failing dance troupe back to success.

But, mesmerized by a street musician, Charles yearns for another life filled with love and romance. And when he unwittingly becomes involved with a charismatic principal dancer and a devious Italian waiter, his world tumbles into turmoil, dredging up physical and emotional scars best left buried.

With intrigue, blackmail, and events from the past threatening to plunge the family’s reputation into jeopardy and ruin his own chance of happiness, Charles finds solace and hope in the man with the mandolin. Sometimes dreams do come true. And maybe his will too.

Stranger In Translation

Charles Raines

An opinionated young linguist signs a six month contract to translate a ‘Bestseller’ from English into French, on the condition that he can do the job in France.


He has nothing but contempt for the book’s author, hates the dull, routine work he has to do, and despises the banality of his own life. Something is missing.


Hesitant and frustrated, his ambivalent sexual desires are untapped, but always bubbling below the surface. Feeling like an outsider, the only way to cope is to find a distraction, try to blend in, and strive to fully embrace the French way of life.


The local cemetery offers shelter and serenity, and the backstreets of Marseilles offer danger and excitement. Balancing the two, he meets a succession of men and has a series of erotic encounters which gradually mould him into exactly the man he secretly always wanted to be.


NB. This Novella contains explicit descriptions of erotic and sexual situations in m/m romance.

Stranger In Translation is a great read. It introduces us to the intimate life of a translator working in the south of France. He is a 'stranger' in every respect; to the country, to himself and to his sexuality.The plot is compelling and the atmosphere grabs you from the start. The title is inspired. It alludes to different facets within the novel which can be read on several levels.


It's a clever mystery. It's classy erotica. It's a gay romance. It's also a psychological study. I think it's always quite special when readers are able to read between the lines, or discover little clues and nuances which can take them in one direction or another. Charles Raines teases us with innuendo and shows us the way, but we make our own journey. The writing is crisp and clear with a cracking pace. The paperback is ideal to carry with you, but you won't want to put it down. Highly recommended for mainstream readers aswell as m/m fans!

Dicing With Danger

For a "short" story, this was better than some full-length novels I've read!! "Dicing with Danger" is packed full of action, excitement, and intrigue, and topped off with even more HEAT in the ultra-sexy characters than his last book!


As someone else mentioned, the ending completely blew me away! Icing on one incredible cake! I didn't want the story to end!!

I'm ready to buy another ticket on Mr. Raines' next hot ride.


This is a writer who knows what he's doing and how to write a great and memorable story (that I have to confess I've read more than once!).

I can't wait for his next story or book -- I'd even buy a pamphlet by him!

Un étranger en transition


Un étranger en transition


Un jeune linguiste opiniâtre signe un contrat de six mois pour traduire un 'best-seller' de l'anglais au français, à la condition qu'il puisse faire le travail en France. Il n'a que mépris pour l'auteur du livre, déteste la morne routine du travail qu'il a à faire, et méprise la banalité de sa propre vie. Il lui manque quelque chose.


Hésitant et frustré, ses désirs sexuels ambivalents sont inexplorés, mais toujours bouillonnants sous la surface. Se sentant comme un étranger, le seul moyen de faire face est de trouver une distraction, d’essayer de se fondre dans la masse, et s'efforcer d'embrasser pleinement le mode de vie des Français.


Le cimetière local offre un abri et la sérénité, et les ruelles de Marseille offrent le danger et l'excitation. Équilibrant les deux, il rencontre une succession d'hommes et a une série de rendez-vous érotiques qui le façonnent progressivement en l'homme qu'il a secrètement toujours voulu être.

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